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olive branch realty and property management owner services

A mutual understanding of your investment is key.

We will showcase all the best features and amenities that your property has to offer. Simultaneously, we strive to keep our reputation of excellence when it comes to keeping your investment safe and secure. You can trust us to treat your property and tenants as if they were our own, respectfully and reliably.

Our team is fine-tuned to professionally work with owners and tenants when it comes to everything from day-to-day operations to annual check-ups. We are adept at all the local legislation and navigate it with ease. Screening tenants, arranging repairs & maintenance, relaying pertinent information, and processing contracts are just a few of the necessary services that we offer. Give us a call today and be rest assured that we have your best interests in mind!

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Property Management Benefits

If you’re a property owner, you know that managing your rentals can be a lot of work. From finding and screening tenants to dealing with repairs and maintenance issues, it’s easy to feel like you’re constantly running around trying to keep everything in order. That’s where a property management company can be a great help.

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